Chromium Browser 2021: Latest Microsoft Edge Web Browser For Windows and MAC

Chromium Browser 2021: The question comes to our mind that “Should We Switch From Google Chrome to Microsoft Chromium Edge?” If you haven’t compared it by now, you’re doing it all wrong — a browser from Chrome to Microsoft Chromium Edge.

Chromium Browser

Hey There, If you are like us, Then possibilities are you must have tried both Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge. Before you have used the Google Chrome browser too much, you have stuck with it through the years.

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Best Browser for PC

You have been using Google Chrome for ages and must be thinking that this is the best browser for pc. Google Chrome browser is probably the most popular browser out there at the moment. But that has not stopped Microsoft from creating their browser in-house obviously for windows in the form of edge. Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is not even a nasty browser. It’s better than what Internet Explorer used to be.

microsoft edge

However, Microsoft has finally caved and has officially launched its new Edge Chromium browser across both Windows and Mac OS. They have redeveloped a new version of Microsoft Edge Chromium browser – based on the Chromium browser just like Google Chrome. A stable version of the browser is now available for everyone to download, just over a year after the software maker revealed its plans to switch to Chromium. Click here to download and check its features now.

chromium everywhere

Edge Chromium From Chromium Project

If you’re not aware of the Edge Chromium project, well it is an open-source browser project for the evolution of the Chromium browser which is not the same as Google Chrome. Google initially started this project. It is actually what Google Chrome is based off. Because it’s open-source, It means that Google and any other community developers around the globe can contribute to this project. Therefore, the Chromium browser is to increase its functionality, bug fixes, and all that sort of thing. That’s why Microsoft started developing their own Microsoft Edge Chromium browser from the chromium project.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser is separate from Google Chrome. You could download this browser if you want and install it on your Windows or whatever OS you’re using. Not the one that’s developed by Google. They are very similar. But Google Chrome is separately developed by Google. It has some additional features on top of Chromium. Also, Google Chrome got its browser name from Chromium.

What is Chromium?

What is Chromium?. Chromium isn’t simply the title of a browser, but also of the open-source project that creates the source code utilized by Chrome, Edge, and many others. Google is the primary backer of Chromium and it kicked off the project when it started Chrome in September 2008 because the code is open, many others, such as people not employed by Google, bring about the Chromium project. Microsoft, by way of instance, started providing serious input into Chromium in 2019 and frequently boasts about the number of”commits” its engineers have led to Chromium. In October 2020, the Redmond, Wash. company said its commits — changes made to the source code had attained 3,700.

The browser compiled in the recent Chromium source code is called, unsurprisingly, Chromium. Chrome and Edge, on the other hand, start with Chromium but don’t end with this. Rather, Google and Microsoft incorporate their own proprietary code into Chromium that assembles services such as the browser’s automatic upgrade mechanism and attributes like its own tab user experience (UX), to make the real Chrome and Edge.

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Think of Chromium as an ancestor of both Chrome and Edge rather than always a close one that shares its own DNA with all the polished browsers.

Chromium Download

So you can be of the view of Chromium like the support version of a browser in Microsoft Edge Chromium, and then you can build on it. Because it’s open-source, any company can come along and build on top of it. They can make their browser based on this open-source software and kind of brand it. Make it the features that they want to.

brave browser

Brave Browser

You may have heard of Brave Browser. It is based on Chromium. And now we know that Microsoft Edge is actually going to be changing Edge to start developing it based on Microsoft Edge Chromium and also means they’re going to be contributing to the Chromium project themselves.

microsoft edge insider channels

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser is available to download, and now it’s still in pre-release. It doesn’t even have a beta version shortly. They are going to be three different channels so that you can go on the download website, and you have the options for the developers or canary versions. The beta version is coming very soon it says, that’ll be an update every six weeks or less so that’ll be the most stable of the development versions, and the developer version will be weekly, and canary will be daily. These are the same channels that are also available for Google Chrome; they have equal beta and developer channels so that you can get the features right as they come out. If you want new features, then you can go to beta channels, and it’s the same idea with Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Latest Version

Microsoft Edge Latest Version: There is no official stable version of the Edge chromium browser yet. It’s still in development, and as I said, there’s not even a beta channel, however. Right now, they’re calling this is the “Microsoft Edge Insider.” Well, Windows Insider is like the preview versions of Windows you can download. So the Microsoft Edge Insider browser is the preview version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser.

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Well, if you download and install it, it does seem like a hybrid between the current version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium and Google Chrome. When you go to the setting pages, they look very similar. Most of them are the same options. One main difference you’ll notice is that when logging into the browser, you log in with a Microsoft account instead of a Google Account.

Chromium Edge Features

You’ll be able to store bookmarks and stuff and sync the web that way in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Exciting but not surprising like Google Chrome has the flags menu, Edge has the same set of flags options of flags in the hidden list, but it’s called edge://flags which is pretty neat.

It will be interesting to see Edge Chrome what kind of features that are exclusive to Microsoft ads on which might not be available in chrome. You might be wondering what’s the point if Microsoft already has its browser.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Why would they keen to go through the development of this new based on chromium and they reason that it will be better similar in some different aspects?

 First, If they make an edge based on chromium, it means everyone on the web will be using a type of chromium web browser. So that will combine Google Chrome and then Edge and even Brave browser.

Second, The Chromium-based browser will make a lot easier for web developers to create websites. This website will be compatible with most browsers. If they make it compatible with one chrome browser, it’ll be compatible with all of them. Instead of trying and create one for chrome, one for the Microsoft Edge Chromium, one for safari, one for brave, or Firefox, etc. No matter what browser you’re using, every website should work correctly.

Third, Microsoft is going to start to contribute to the Chromium project. That means all chromium-based web browsers will be better integrated with Windows and have better compatibility. Chromium browsers aren’t compatible with Windows. But say for example – a big bug that comes up or something on Windows. Then Microsoft developers are going to be a lot more familiar with Windows. They work in Microsoft. They can most likely fix things a lot easier than if it was just random developers.

Fourth, Another exciting consequence of this is chromium is a lot more compatible with many different OS and platforms. It will mean that Microsoft Edge Chromium will likely be usable on things like Mac OS or Linux or even RM platforms. So You’ll probably be able to get the edge on whatever OS you want.

Fifth, Google Chrome has tens of thousands of extensions. However, Microsoft Edge Chromium technically does support extensions. There are not that many extensions of Google Chrome available on Edge. But I think there are like 235 extensions total on edge.

chromium based edge browser

With the upcoming chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge Chromium, all the same, extensions that were for Chrome or whatever will also work on Edge. Go to the Chrome web store on the Microsoft Edge browser. It’ll ask you if you want to permit extensions from the chrome web store to be installed on Edge. So you can already install whatever you want on there.

Interestingly Microsoft does have their page for Extensions based on Chromium. But there are not that many, so I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe they want to maintain their list of extensions that are guaranteed to be compatible.

Chrome Browser Download for PC

Chrome Browser Download for PC: You might be thinking about when are we going to see the new version of Microsoft Edge Chromium roll-out wholly and finally. It’s hard to say, but this was first announced back in December of 2018. They said they’d be developing over the next year or so. I don’t think Microsoft is trying to rush out. So, It might be late 2020 or even later. The good news is you can get this right now for Windows 10 and Android too. It might not be a stable version because it is still only a developer or beta. If you do want, then click here – Microsoft Edge Insider.

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