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Before we start exploring the Google facts, let’s know about Google information, history, and more details. In this article, we will know about Google info, history, crazy facts you probably didn’t know about Google, interesting facts about the internet giant search engine, and a lot of things.

Google is an online search engine, was launched at the end of 1997 with two Stanford students: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. For two years, the students were working on a new method of getting information from the Internet. Since the inception of Google, the company has now been worth $400 billion! This is what makes Google among the top important brands around the globe. Google has also grown more than a simple search engine.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
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Today, you can use Google to navigate through the mail, browse videos or upload your own and read news articles in other languages, and translate them into your own, and many more. Google is home to 3.5 billion searches per day and is the most used search engine on the planet. We’ve put together the most amusing and interesting details about Google Facts!

About Google

The Google company was started in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were pursuing their Ph.D. in the Department of Physics at Stanford University and was formally established as a private firm on September 4 of 1998.

Google Logos

Google is one of the most prominent technology companies, has played a significant part in boosting the standards of life of people all over the world. The company has taken technology to a new level. Today when you require assistance in any field you can simply use your Google Assistant in your pocket that is filled with a wealth of important data.

Apart from being a hugely profitable company, Google has its own basic method of keeping itself distinct from other companies. Google has always conducted things in a different way that helps keep things interesting, engaging, and constantly evolving.

Google Logos over time

Google Facts

The most interesting facts about Google are given below.

  1. Google till now has the largest index of websites in the world.
  2. The original name of Google was Backrub.
  3. The Google search technology is called PageRank.
  4. On August 16, 2013, Google was not reachable for 5 minutes, in that time the global Internet usage was decreased by 40%.
  5. In 1997, Google wanted to sell their search engine system to Yahoo for $ 2 million.
  6. I’m feeling lucky” was the first tweet from Google in binary code.
  7. 16% to 20% of all searches have never been searched before on Google.
  8. The Google homepage is available in almost 80 languages.
  9. Google generated 89% of revenue from Google advertising in 2014.
  10. 33% of all searches on Google come mainly from smartphone.
  11. Google is derived from the word Googol.
  12. Google has about 90% of worldwide market share.
  13. On September 15, 1997 – Larry and Sargey registerd the domain

Some Google Facts Many People Do Not Know

  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page met by chance.
  • Google is a play on the word “googol.”
  • A Burning Man stick figure was Google’s first doodle.
  • Google’s first started their office in a rented garage.
  • Swedish Chef can be described as a preferred language choice that is available in Google search.
  • Gmail launched on the 1st of April Fool’s Day, no joke.
  • Google has reached an agreement to acquire YouTube’s Denny’s with regard to mozzarella sticks.
  • The company was a part of the fight against fictional vampires.
  • Google has been a pet-friendly workplace since the very beginning.
  • Google image search is launched in a major way.
  • After it was made to the public market, Google was valued as more than General Motors.
  • Google has multiple domain names for the misspelled spelling of their name, such as,,
  • While Google has control of nearly 88.6 percent of the market for search engines all over the globe, Google is also among the numerous websites blocked by the Chinese government.
  • The company is believed to hire goats to graze on the lawn, instead of hiring lawn mowers for the task.

Most Googled Thing Today

Google itself has launched the Google Trend tool to help users to know the ongoing trends in the world. With the help of this tool, you can also know most Google facts, and Googled things today. But anyway, we have tried and listed the latest most Googled thing today.

Top Google Most Searched Terms Globally

To make it easier for you, we have made a list of the 100 most popular Google search results and the top Googled questions.

S.NKeywordAverage Jul-Sep 2021
3whatsapp web618.0M
9google translate338.0M
17google maps151.1M
18weather tomorrow133.0M
20yahoo mail124.0M
22satta king124.0M
26sarkari result108.7M
28xổ số miền bắc101.0M
33speed test83.1M
36tiempo mañana83.1M
45google dịch68.9M
48facebook login68.0M
49home depot68.0M
52ind vs eng60.4M
56google traduction59.7M
59bbc news55.6M
63traductor de ingles a español55.6M
64previsão do tempo55.6M
65google classroom53.6M
66instagram login52.2M
68traductor ingles español48.9M
69e devlet48.9M
74mp3 juice46.1M
76gmail login46.1M
77le bon coin45.5M
79amazon prime45.5M
81google tradutor45.5M
82satta matka45.5M
85แปล ภาษา45.5M
87youtube to mp345.5M
88fox news42.7M
92facebook log in42.3M
97hava durumu40.0M

Top Most Googled Questions Globally

S.NQuestionsAverage Jul-Sep 2021
1what to watch7.5M
2what is my ip3.6M
3how many ounces in a cup3.5M
4what if3.4M
5how to delete instagram account3.4M
6how to screenshot on mac1.9M
7what time is it1.8M
8where am i1.7M
9how many weeks in a year1.3M
10what if marvel1.3M
11how many centimeters in an inch1.2M
12what song is this1.1M
13what the font1.0M
14how many ounces in a gallon941.0K
15what dinosaur has 500 teeth924.3K
16how to lose weight fast882.0K
17how many liters in a gallon882.0K
18how are you823.0K
19what we do in the shadows781.0K
20when does senate vote on stimulus757.4K
21do rzeczy723.0K
22what time is it in california723.0K
23when is the next full moon723.0K
24what is the meaning of723.0K
25how many countries in the world682.0K
26where does vanilla flavoring come from676.0K
27how many ounces in a pound673.0K
28what is love673.0K
29how to delete facebook account632.0K
30where is my train632.0K
31how to tie a tie607.7K
32what space movie was made in 1992583.7K
33how many grams in an ounce550.0K
34how to pronounce550.0K
35how to download youtube videos550.0K
36what is the factorial of hundred538.0K
37how old is bernie sanders528.0K
38what is computer524.3K
39what is 100 factorial523.0K
40how long to boil eggs516.7K
41how to solve a rubik’s cube516.7K
42who is516.7K
43how old is donald trump486.3K
44is today a holiday483.3K
45what is the weather today483.3K
46how to draw483.3K
47how many people are in the world483.3K
48what is the483.3K
49how to screenshot on windows483.3K
50is reddit down474.7K
51what is a noun456.0K
52what day is it today450.0K
53how many450.0K
54how many states in india450.0K
55what is today450.0K
56how to earn money online450.0K
57how many cups in a quart450.0K
58how to delete snapchat account450.0K
59how to deactivate facebook450.0K
60what is the time450.0K
61why is the sky blue447.3K
62what is critical race theory441.7K
63what is a verb433.7K
64when will senate vote on stimulus428.1K
65how to make money online422.7K
66what is an adjective406.3K
67what is a prime number406.3K
68when is mother’s day in 2021403.3K
69how to take a screenshot on a mac400.3K
70who called me395.3K
71what does395.3K
72how many grams in a pound395.3K
73how to screenshot on laptop395.3K
74where am i right now395.3K
75what is the meaning373.0K
76what time is it in hawaii373.0K
77how many quarts in a gallon368.0K
78how many days in a year368.0K
79how many feet in a mile368.0K
80how much368.0K
81how to take screenshot in laptop368.0K
82how many calories in an apple368.0K
83how to register for covid vaccine364.0K
84who is the richest person in the world345.7K
85how many oz in a gallon345.7K
86what time is it in the uk345.7K
87how to lose belly fat345.7K
88what web345.7K
89how to take a screenshot345.7K
90how to backup iphone345.7K
91how to delete gmail account345.7K
92is it going to rain today345.7K
93when does the senate vote on stimulus343.9K
94how to get free robux327.3K
95what time is it in australia323.3K
96what does mean323.3K
97how to lose weight323.3K
98how to delete a page in word323.3K
99is shingles contagious323.3K
100which of the following323.3K

Funny Google Searches

Below are the funny Google searches you might like. You can start fun things to look up on google right away.

  • Never Put a Sock in a Toaster
  • Sometimes I Like to Pretend I’m A Carrot
  • Do Men Have Periods
  • Dinosaurs Were Made Up by CIA
  • Cats Like Hitler
  • Can a Human Get Pregnant by an Animal
  • Is It Impossible to Lick Your Elbow
  • If I Ate Myself Would I Double in Size
  • How Do I Quit My Job
  • What Would Happen If There Was No Google
  • Why isn’t 11 Pronounced onety one
  • Why is My Goldfish Turning Black
  • Why Do Men Like Boobs
  • Why Can’t I Poop
  • Why Can’t I Own a Canadian
  • Where to Donate a Testicle
  • When I Jump I Wet Myself
  • Whats a Boyfriend and Where Can I Download One
  • What is the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
  • What If Google Was a Guy
  • What Does It Mean When Your Poop Floats
  • What are These Strawberries Doing on Google
  • How Do I Google Something
  • How Do I Convert to PDF
  • Help I’m a Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery
  • Google Will You Marry Me
  • Google Will Eat Itself
  • Is It Normal to Eat Period Blood
  • Is It Possible to Live Forever

Some Google Fun Facts and Weird Things

  • Unsurprisingly, Google is the most frequented site. It’s also among the top searched terms on Bing.
  • Some of the most famous Google designs have celebrated discovering water in the Moon as well as John Lennon’s 70th birthday celebration which was the first-ever video doodle.
  • The initial Google server was kept in a custom case constructed from Lego.
  • Google’s headquarters are called”the Googleplex and is situated within California’s Silicon Valley.
  • In the Googleplex, There is an enormous statue of a T. Rex and is often covered with flamingos. There is a rumor that it is a way to remind Google employees to not allow Google to disappear.
  • Google was the initial large tech company to provide free meals for those employed by the company as well as allowing workers to take their pets to work as well.
  • In April of 2018, Google became the first company to attain 100 renewable energy at a 99% rate. This means it can purchase one kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt used.
  • Google is actually celebrating at most six birthdays. However, Google chooses to celebrate its birthday on September 27, which is the 27th day of September.
  • Google offers a variety of small tricks. For instance, if you search for ‘askew’ all of the results are distorted.
  • One Google search requires about what as it is required to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the Moon.
  • Today, Google is far more than simply a search engine. Future developments could incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), a brand new game platform that is streaming, as well as autonomous cars.
What was Google’s original name?

Google’s original name was Backrub.

What is the most Googled thing today?

Click the above link to know. We have compiled a huge list of the most Googled thing today.

What are the funny Google searches and Google facts?

Click the above link to know. We have compiled a huge list of funny Google searches.

How did Google get its name?

Google got its name from Googol.

What was Google originally called?


Why is google named Google?

Because it was derived from Googol.

Who’s the founder of Google?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the so-called Google.

When did Google search start?


Where does Google get its information?

Google gets its information from the websites by continuously crawling and indexing.

What does Google not know?

Right now! we can’t be sure.

Was google called backrub?


I hope you have enjoyed these Google facts, the most Googled thing today, and the funny Google searches article. Do you have any doubts or suggestions? If yes, just let us know so we can help you.

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