Bihar Tourism: 9 Places To Visit In Bihar, Patna, Gaya, Vaishali

Bihar Tourism is the best idea for Rainy as well as the Winter season. It is nestled on the banks of the holy river Ganga in the eastern part of India. The state shares its border with Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Nepal. Bihar derives its name from the word “Vihara,” which means monastery since the place in the past was a major learning center of Buddhism. Historical Places To Visit In Bihar for the Tourism sector. Here are some of the Places To Visit In Bihar for Tourism. Have a look.

Bihar tourism, with its numerous ancient monuments, famous pilgrimage sites, and natural scenic beauty, attracts a large number of tourists from all across the world. The state is home to many tourist attractions dotted all over the Bihar state such as Mahabodhi Temple, Buddha Smriti Park, Nalanda University, Asokan Pillar, Barabar Caves, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Kesariya Stupa and many more.

Bihar Tourism

So here are some of the places that I have managed to list these beautiful places that attract tourists. To visit these places, one can reach by Bihar tourism bus, personal car, airplane and by trains. The nearest airport is Patna.

Places To Visit In Bihar

So, let’s explore the places to visit in Bihar one by one.


Nalanda, founded in the 5th century AD, is famous as the ancient seat of learning. The world’s most ancient university lies here which is 62 km from Bodhgaya and 90 km south of Patna.

How to Reach

  • Air:-  The nearest airport is at Patna 89 km.
  • Rail:-  Rajgir (12) km is the nearest railway station to Nalanda yet.
  • Road:- Nalanda is connected by a right road with Rajgir 12 km, and Patna 90 km.

What to Visit in Nalanda

  1. Nalanda Open University (NOU)
  2. Nalanda Archaeological Museum
  3. Nava Nalanda Mahavira
  4. Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall
  5. Pawapuri
  6. Chhoti Dargah and Bari Dargah

Bihar Tourism Rajgir

Bihar Tourism Rajgir, just 12 km from Nalanda, has located a complex of temples and monasteries. The place is called Rajgir. Being situated in a valley, Rajgir is a very scenic place. The small hill grit town covered with lush green forest adds beauty to the area. Bihar tourism hotels in Rajgir are available for staying.

How to Reach Bihar Tourism Rajgir

  • Air:- The nearest airport is Patna 101 km.
  • Rail:- Rajgir itself has a railway station.
  • Road:- Rajgir and Patna connected by road – 110 km, Nalanda – 12 km, and Gaya – 78 km.

What to Visit in Rajgir

  1. Pandu Pokhara
  2. Ghorakatora Lake
  3. Jarashandh ka Akhara
  4. Jivakameavan Gardens
  5. Ajatshatru Fort
  6. Cyclopean Wall
  7. Vishwa Shanti Stupa
  8. Venu Vana  and Karanda Tank
  9. Sonbhandar Caves
  10. Bimbisar Jail
  11. Veerayatan
  12. Jain Temple
  13. Chariot Route Marks
  14. Hot Springs
  15. Pippala Cave
  16. Sone Bhandar
  17. Gridhakuta
  18. Maniyar Math

Bodhgaya – Bihar Tourism

Mu Bodhgaya is one of the most important and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage centers in the world. It was here under a banyan tree, the Bodhi Tree, Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha, the Enlightened One. Buddhism, as a religion, was born in Bihar and evolved here through his preaching and the example of his lifestyle of great simplicity, renunciation, and empathy for everything living. Magadh University is an institution of higher education in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. It is recognized by the University Grants Commission. The university is now governed by the Bihar State University Act 1976. Get a Bihar tourism hotel in Bodhgaya for staying and explore the beauty of this place.

How to Reach Bodhgaya

  • Air: – The nearest airport is at Gaya 7 km and Patna 135 km.
  • Rail: – The nearest railway station is Gaya 17 km.
  • Road:- Bodhgaya and Gaya well connected by road – 17 km, Patna 135 km, Nalanda 101 km.

What to Visit in Bodhgaya

  1. Mahabodhi Temple
  2. Animesh Lochan Chaitya
  3. Bodhi Tree
  4. Chankramana
  5. Ratnagarh
  6. 80 ft. Statue of Budha
  7. Lotus Tank
  8. Budha Kund
  9. Rajayatana
  10. Brahm Yoni
  11. Chinese Temple, and Monastery

Vaishali Bihar Tourism

The epic Ramayana tells the story of the heroic King Vishal who ruled here. Vaishali today is a small village surrounded by banana and mango groves as well as rice fields. Historians maintain that one of the world’s first democratic republics with an elected assembly of representatives flourished in the 6th century B.C. in the time of the Vajjis and Lichchavis. Vaishali was the center for trade and industry during the Mauryas and Guptas. Some places in Vaishali attract tourists.

How to Reach Vaishali

  • Air: –  The nearest airport is Patna (70 km)
  • Rail: – Hajipur on the northeastern Railway station (35 km) and Muzaffarpur Railway Station (40 km)
  • Road: – Vaishali is well connected by road to Patna (56 km), Muzaffarpur (36 km), and Hajipur (35 km).

What to Visit in Vaishali

  1. Ashokan Pillar
  2. Bawan Pokhar Temple
  3. Abhishek Pushkarn
  4. Kundalpur
  5. Shanti Stupa
  6. Raja Vishal Ka Garh
  7. Vaishali Museum
  8. Kesariya
  9. Chaumukhi Mahadev

Vikramshila Bihar Tourism

Vikramshila was one of the two most important centers of learning in India during the Pala Empire, along with Nalanda. It was established by King Dharmapala (783 to 820) in response to the supposed decline in the quality of scholarship at Nalanda. The forces of Muhammad Bin Bakhtiyar Khilji around 1200 destroyed Atisha, the renowned Pandita, a notable abbot. It is located at about 50 km east of Bhagalpur and about 13 km northeast of Kahalgaon, a town in Bhagalpur district.

How to Reach Vikramshila

  • Air: – The nearest airport is Patna.
  • Rail: – The nearest Railway Station is Kahalgaon. It has excellent connectivity with Patna, Gaya, Bodhgaya, Motihari, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, and Kahalgaon via road.
  • Road: – There are bus services from the nearest town, Bhagalpur.

What to Visit in Vikramshila

Vikramshila Ruins

Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserves

A village on the Indo Nepal border 42 km North-West of Bagaha to which is connected by a metalled road. Valmiki Tiger Reserve often considered a Tourist’s Delight is offering Trekking adventures, Jungle Safari, and Nightlife Tourism. The forest inhibits over 50 Tigers and an equal number of Leopards apart from Fishing Cat, Leopard Cat, Chital, Sambar, Hog Deer, Black Buck, Gaur, Sloth Bear, Langur, and Rhesus Monkey. Undisturbed dense valley, as well as Hill Sal Forests along with the majestic view of Snow clad peaks of Himalayas, offer a unique Touristic Experience. The River Gandak originates from Tibet and comes down to Nepal. It flows through the middle of the forest. Harha – Masan River system originates from the Valmiki Forests and forms Burhi Gandak River down south.

How to Reach Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserves

  • Air: – The nearest airport is at Patna at a distance of 295 km.
  • Rail: – The nearest railhead Valmiki Nagar is  5 km from the Park.
  • Road: – There are bus services from Bettiah to Valmiki Nagar (80 km)

What to Do in Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserves

  1. Safari
  2. Trekking
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Nightlife Tourism
  5. Watch Tower


Kakolat is a waterfall in the Gobindpuri Police station, about 21 miles from Nawada. Just below the fall, there is a deep reservoir natural in character. The fall is approximately 150-160 feet, from the ground level. The scene is panoramic due to the all-round green forest area and is very pleasant to the eyes. The great Pandavas visited the place during their exile. In Treta Yuga, a king was cursed by a rishi. Due to this, he had to take the shape of a python and lived here. Thus, People held a big fair on the occasion of Bishua or Chait Sankranti.

How to Reach Kakolat

  • Air: – The closest airport is in Ranchi at a distance of 150 km.
  • Rail: – The closest Railway station is Koderma Railway Station.
  • Road: – The place is easily reachable via NH 31.

Bhimbandh Wildlife

Bhimbandh, situated in the southwest of Munger district in Bihar. The total area of the sanctuary is 682 sq km. You can find a unique amalgamation of hills, plains, and plateau region blanketed by thick forest cover and some incredible hot springs. The hot springs have a constant temperature throughout the year and attract a lot of tourists. Dating back to the time of Mahabharata, People believes that the Pandavas set up their ‘disguised’ temporary shelters here by the hot springs and constructed a dam across the stream. People named the dam was after Bhim, the strongest of all Pandavas.

How to Reach Bhimbandh Wildlife

  • Air: – The nearest airport is in Patna, almost 200 km.
  • Rail: – Nearest Railway Station includes Jamui Railway Station (20 km) and Bariarpur Station on Jamalpur Bhagalpur Section.
  • Road:- Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary located 56 km away from Munger.

Thawe Temple Gopalganj

The is a medium-sized village in Gopalganj district of the Indian state of Bihar. This village is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindu believers of the surrounding areas as it hosts a notable Devi Temple Thawe Mandir. There’s a famous sweet ‘Pedokiya ’ in Thawe and a famous Sweet shop popularly known as “ Gauri Shankar Mishthan Bhandar.”

How to Reach Thawe Gopalganj

  • Air: – The nearest airport is Patna (145 km) and Gorakhpur airport (117 km).
  • Rail: – Thawe Mandir itself has a Railway Station.
  • Road:- You can reach Thawe from Patna (145 km) and Gorakhpur (117 km).

We hope you have got the information about Bihar Tourism. If you have any questions and suggestions, please write in the comment box. Stay in touch for more updates on Tourism & Travel.


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