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As you already know, Inc. is an American multinational technology company that concentrates on e-commerce and the cloud, cloud computing, and AI. It is among the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry together with Google, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. Below we’ll know first know about Amazon Fun Facts, Interesting Facts About Amazon, and later to Alexa Trivia.

Amazon Fun Facts

Here, I’m going to list 9 things you probably didn’t know about Amazon. So, let’s start Amazon fun facts, interesting facts about Amazon.

Interesting Facts About Amazon

#1. Amazon was nearly given a different name.

Today, we Amazon as “Amazon”. But, did u know the company was first referred to as Cadabra as a reference to the magical word “abracadabra.” However, Jeff Bezos’ lawyer told him that the magic word was not clear enough, and if you speak it loudly, “Cadabra” could be confused with “cadaver.” Also, A fervent Star Trek fan from a young age, Bezos thought was a suitable brand name to create an online storefront that he believed could offer everything to anyone. In the end, they came to the name Amazon which refers to the river that flows through South America. The idea was that the collection of books would be huge and vast, much like the world’s biggest river.

#2. The company was founded to sell books.

In the time that Jeff Bezos first started the company in 1995, it was an online bookstore that was run from his garage at home. When Amazon launched their first physical store in 2015, they were keeping with the original roots of the business.

#3. Amazon hasn’t paid federal taxes in two years.

Amazon’s profits nearly doubled between 2017 to 2018. However, Amazon hasn’t paid federal tax in the past two years. It’s completely legal. The US government gives businesses certain tax breaks as well as deductions. One of these, “the R&D tax credit encourages businesses to invest their profits in the development of research”. From 2005 until the year 2014 Amazon was granted over 600 million dollars in tax incentives to construct warehouses in specific states. The company also received $147 million in tax credits to build data centers across the country.

#4. What you can’t buy on Amazon?

Because you can buy almost anything on Amazon but it’s important to mention those items that you cannot purchase directly from the site. Large-sized homes, cars cigarettes, as well as live animals are among the items you may need to leave the house to buy.

#5. Amazon owns 41 brands and subsidiaries.

When you purchase footwear through or search for your favorite actor on IMDb, you’re making money for Amazon. Other brands they control comprise Goodreads, Whole Foods, Audible, and which is an online store specifically for Middle Eastern countries. Total, Amazon owns 41 subsidiaries and brands.

#6. Amazon has a dog-friendly area.

Amazon’s employees enjoy having their pets in the workplace. There are around 6000 dogs who work on the Amazon campus located in Seattle. The campus has always been a dog-friendly place. There’s even a dog deck inside one building that has the appearance of a fire water source.

#7. A manager of operations had some interesting ways to let out their frustration.

The holiday season can be difficult for retailers. Jeff Wilke, who was the manager of operations during the 2000s used a unique way to express his anger. He would counsel his employees who had achieved the goal to contact him, close their eyes and scream loudly at the top of their voices as if they were screaming in the primal sense.

#8. The Spheres offer a natural getaway to Seattle employees.

Amazon needed space for employees to break away from their desks in order to collaborate and invent. In the year 2018 Amazon opened The Spheres at its campus in Seattle. The Spheres are home to more than 400 species of plant species from all over the world. The plants are rotated frequently out and then stored in a greenhouse located nearby. John Schoettler claims that a connection to nature is not present in workplaces. As vice president of corporate facilities and real estate, Schoettler wanted to incorporate that atmosphere into Amazon’s culture.

#9. AMAZON does not sell iPhone smartphones.

There are MacBooks, Apple TV, and other Apple products on Amazon. However, there’s a slim chance you’ll get a new iPhone being offered. The reason is that the two businesses don’t seem to be the same way in business and, possibly, due to the fact that Amazon’s Kindle products are in competition in the tablet market against Apple’s iPad line. (Used phones are readily available through third-party retailers.)

#10. AMAZON will pay if employees quit.

In 2014, Amazon introduced a “Pay to Quit” program aimed to reduce the number of employees who aren’t motivated in its warehouses in the fulfillment facilities. If a worker submits a resignation, they’ll get the amount of $2000 – $5000, based on the time they’ve spent at the center. (Workers must have been employed for a minimum of a year.) What’s the issue? If you decide to take the money then you’ll never have a job with the business for the rest of your life. Just 10% of the first group of employees that were offered the contract took it to the offer.

Alexa Statistics

  • Up to 10,000 Amazon employees are interacting with Amazon’s Alexa Smart Assistant and Echo products.
  • 33 percent of US adults have concerns about smart speakers recording the words they’re saying as the main reason not to purchase these devices. This is a number which has nearly tripled since the year 2018.
  • Total Alexa skills are now higher than 77,000 people in the US with 37,000 in UK and 34,000 in India as well as over 25,000. Australia in addition to Canada.
  • But, the rate of new Alexa skill launches has decreased in all of these countries in the last two years. This could indicate a decrease in developer enthusiasm towards the system.
  • Amazon publically stated that there are more than 100,000 distinct Alexa abilities across the world. In a series of messages to developers the company has emphasized that it has been focusing its efforts in recent years on the quantity of high-quality skills, rather than number.
  • While Amazon has offered incentives for developers to countries it has not previously partnered with in the past two years, the company has altered the formula for allocation and reduced payments in both the US as well as the UK according to a variety of sources. The idea is to provide incentive for game developers incorporate the in-skill purchase (ISP) commercialization, like one-time games and subscriptions.
  • In 2017 Amazon Alexa accounted for 62 percent of the global sales of digital assistants.
  • One of the most intriguing Alexa facts is that Alexa’s voice assistant is predicted to have just 34 percent of the world market share this year.
  • The number of owners of smart speakers within the US is expected to grow to 66.4 million, which is 26.2 percent of the country’s population.
  • The experts believe Amazon Echo and Alexa will remain dominant in the US market until 2021.
interesting facts about amazon

Amazon Alexa Statistics Yearwise

  • January 16, Alexa only had 130 abilities; three months later her expertise exceeded the 100,000 mark.
  • A total of 20 million Alexa devices were sold during Q3 2017, which is nearly 4 million more than Q2 sales.
  • Amazon sold more than 100 million Alexa devices in the last year alone.
  • In the year 2019, Amazon was the leader in the market for smart speakers with its sales of 10.4 million units across the globe as shown by Amazon Echo sale figures.
  • A new statistic reveals the what’s to come for the Alexa sales share about 66.3 millions US household households will have smart speakers by 2022.

Alexa Statistics by Demographics

  • In February 2018, 24 percent of Americans aged between 18 and 29 years have the Amazon Echo Smart speaker while only 10% of the total owners are between 55 and 64 years old.
  • 64% of men utilize their devices with Alexa at least once throughout the day.
  • The ownership of smart speakers varies among different income levels within the US.

Alexa vs Google Home Statistics

  • In the year 2018, Google Home had 600,000 more users who had never heard of it before that Amazon Echo.
  • Alexa as well as Google Home can both control smart homes as well as play entertainment you enjoy.
  • Alexa excels in the abilities area, while Google Home does a better job of understanding the many ways to ask an inquiry.
  • Amazon Alexa supports the highest number of smart home devices with 60,000.

Alexa Trivia and Amazon Fun Facts

Alexa is a personal, intelligent assistant designed by Amazon which was first introduced for the Amazon Echo as well as its Amazon Echo Dot gadgets designed in collaboration with Amazon Lab126. It can be used for audio interaction, music playback creating to-do lists as well as setting alarms, streaming audiobooks as well as playing audiobooks. It is also capable of providing traffic, weather as well as other real-time information, like news. Alexa can also control a number of smart devices, acting as an automation system for your home.

Amazon Alexa Information

Developer NameAmazone
What does Alexa do exactly?Cloud-based and AI-based virtual assistant
Initial released onNovember 6, 2014
Why Alexa named AlexaThe name Alexa has a hard consonant with the X, has high precision
Who is Alexa’s voiceColorado-based voice actress and singer named Nina Rolle
Do Alexa always listensAlexa is designed in a way, that it can listen when it is called upon
Alexa supporting platformsAmazon Echo, Fire OS, iOS, Android, Cortana, and Linux
Languages supported by AlexaEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Hindi.
No. of countries using Alexa41 Countries
No. of employees work for Alexa10,000 employees
Amazon Alexa devices sold100 million Alexa devices
No. of devices supported by Amazon Alexa20,000
No. of functional skills Alexa have90,000
Most popular Alexa skillSetting a timer
No. of a sports team can add to Alexa for receiving regular updates15 teams
Top 3 CompetitorsSiri, Google Home, Cortana

All About Alexa Amazon Fun Facts

Now let’s know about Alexa trivia and some Amazon Fun Facts. I’m sure it’s going to amaze you.

  • Alexa’s forte is the ability to play music and audio with a score rating of 4.19 ratings out of 5.
  • Many people who have smart speakers like Amazon Echo use it to listen to music.
  • Alexa is known for her an amazing sense of humor. She can keep you entertained with short stories, jokes, or interesting facts.
  • Alexa-enabled devices seamlessly connect to their Amazon Smart Plug and other similar smart home gadgets.
  • Alexa can scare burglars away in the event that the Echo is set to “Away” setting.
  • You can make plans for your holiday by asking!
  • Text messages can be sent hands-free!
  • Alexa is actually your personal wine Sommelier!
  • Pizza is now available without getting off your couch!
  • Alexa is a gamer with all the rules to play any game of the board!
  • It is possible to stream audio across your home simultaneously!
  • The number of abilities accessible on Amazon Alexa is precisely 15000!

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Is Alexa better than Google?

Both devices have their distinct strengths. While Google is more adept at dealing with various kinds of queries, Alexa excels in the field of daily tasks such as checking the weather forecasts, listening to songs, calling, etc. Alexa’s vast array of capabilities makes it a desirable option for households with smart devices.

How many people use Alexa?

Amazon is yet to announce the exact number of owners of devices with Alexa capabilities. However, the reports indicate that more than 100 million Alexa devices were sold this year alone. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the best-selling Alexa speaker up to now.

Are Alexa and Echo the same thing?

A bit. If you own an Echo speaker which is a hands-free, intelligent device it is possible to “wake the device up” and tell it to play tracks by saying “Alexa.” The feature is important to note that there are many other third-party systems that have been adapted to this Alexa technology. This means that you can communicate with the smart assistant even if you don’t own Echo. Echo connected speakers.

How many Alexa skills are there?

As of 2019, the worldwide number of Alexa skills has exceeded 100,000. But it is not the case that all countries are able to access all of these abilities. The American-based Alexa is, without doubt, the “most knowledgeable” with more than 66,000 competencies as of the third quarter of 2019.

What is Alexa good for?

A few of the most common things you can accomplish using Alexa are streaming music, purchasing items from Amazon, and managing your home’s smart appliances as shown by our Alexa data. In addition, the most recent research shows that you can make use of it to launch some apps on your smartphone for example,”7-Minute Workout” to start your workout “7-Minute Workout” to begin your workout routine, or find food and recipe suggestions making use of”Best Recipes” skill “Best Recipes” skill.

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